Concrete is used beautifully where it is the basic, and without concrete, no building or anything can be built. We are in such an era. It is the most frequently used man-made material with strength, durability, low maintenance, energy-efficient, and sustainability. These are the reasons why it is used in the Civil industry widely.

Dams made of concrete

The main characteristics of concrete are that it has more strength and unit weight, making it suitable for constructing any massive places like dams. Dams store water and produce electricity from the water using hydroelectricity. The pressure of the water and the load imposed on the dam is very high, making that concrete a suitable material for constructing the dam.

Residential buildings

Concrete is used to construct small buildings, villas, and even massive buildings with modern and traditional formwork to build the skeleton from the foundation to the slabs. The high buildings with their vast weight need more strength to withstand it. That’s when the concrete comes into the picture to fulfill the requirements to withstand.

Roads and Driveways

Concrete is more durable and stronger than asphalt roadways, so concrete streets, driveways, and pavements are used. The concrete roads withstand for a longer time and have low maintenance making them the first choice of material for constructing highways and Driveways.

Roads and Driveways

Marine construction

Concrete can not only be used on roads but also can be used in the water. Many constructions like seawalls, groins, breakwater, jetties, bulkheads, and other structures are exposed to seawater. The performance till now is excellent and may continue in the future constructions as well.

Culverts and Sewers

Concrete can be used anywhere, not only on roads, not only in water but also underground. Sewers and underground construction works need durable and robust building materials, and concrete will help you in that. It is ideal as culverts, piers, abutments, and foundations are constructed using a unique concrete mix.

Construction of foundation

The foundation needs to be strong, and concrete matches the requirement. While having the whole building on it, the foundation will have to stand firm and maintain the body of the building. It is durable and has a lot of loads to carry and can do it.

Concrete bridges

Weather resistance, fire resistance, durability, flexibility, reinforcement, and long-lasting life cycle are the features of concrete. It can sustain large vehicles and also for more extended periods.

Uses of Concrete in Constructions

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